I love Evergreen and real estate evergreen colorado. I also sell real estate for a living and have enjoyed the luxury of working with many Buyers and Sellers of luxury homes in the mountains just West of Denver working with Evergreen real estate. My free time always finds me in the mountains while work is evergreen colorado homes for sale. My favorite real estate stories are often based around Evergreen real estate and homes I’ve sold in Golden, Evergreen, Morrison and Conifer.

Regardless that I have my office in and my team and I sell homes throughout metro Denver, my free time always finds me in the mountains. My favorite real estate stories are often based around homes I’ve sold in Golden, Evergreen, Morrison and Conifer. I live in the foothills, play here, love raising my boys here and share adventure and serenity alike with my lovely wife here.

Don’t get me wrong: my business is built around finding the right answers for Buyers based on their wants and needs wherever that may take us-- but I get a special lift when it looks like that “right answer” is going to be in one of the many spectacular homes overlooking Denver from the foothills!

As I preview homes I am happy to be working in such a awe inspiring place! Spectacular days of blue skies and snowy peak! Frankly, I have trouble concentrating on the homes since the scenery is so mesmerizing.

The entire time I research these communities, I am like a tourist recognizing a landmark for the first time. Though I’ve seen these Landmarks hundreds of times.

A few of the highlights of Evergreen real estate and the other luxury mountain communities in the Foothills of Golden and Evergreen:
1.) Downtown Denver is 18 Miles East of Golden, Google estimates this as a 24 minute commute. Yet, it is a beautiful , setting in the mountains!
2.) Keystone Ski Area is just an hour West and Vail is only another 45 minutes!! Of personal interest to me: the Blue River one of Colorado’s premiere gold medal trout fisheries is less than an hour from here!
3.) Quick access to I-70 allows this spectacular mountain setting to be just a quick hop to all the amenities of Denver.

While helping families in I often run into the plenty of wildlife like Deer, Elk, and even Buffalo. What a great reward for my efforts! If you are interested about evergreen colorado homes for sale the mountains and the mountain activities like skiing and snowboarding and generally all of things that people think of when they think of Colorado—but you need to commute to Denver, you owe it to yourself to check out these great communities.

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