President Obama's Affordability and stability plan includes over 70 billion Dollars to stop foreclosure. Unfortunately most of the homeowners in danger of loosing their homes will not benefit from this plan.

Most of these families will not qualify for this program due to the strict scrutiny and number of requirements necessary to get foreclosure assistance under this plan.

The original plan was to help about 10 billion home owners how to stop foreclosure and save their homes, bur unfortunately just a fraction of this number will really get any help from this loan modification program.

The Obama's Loan Modification Program is voluntary regarding the banks and Lenders, which means, the Banks and Lenders are not oblique to work with you or to try to help you. They will do so only if this is in their best financial interest. It will be all up to the Banks.

Borrowers in turn will have to fill out certain forms, get certain documents and paperwork, and then the banks will analyze the application in an detailed case by case manner to then determine which cases means sense to them financially.

There are some basic requirements to determine the preliminary eligibility of homeowners for the Obama's Loan Modification Program to how to stop foreclosure. They are listed as follow:

• Your house has to be your primary residence

• Second mortgages will not qualify

• You will have to provide proof of income

• Present monthly mortgage payments have to be 31% or more of your basic join monthly income.

• You will qualify even if your mortgage loan is not presently on default.

• There is not any initial fee to apply for this program

To apply for Obama's Loan Modification Program you must first need to get in touch with certain institutions or your own Bank or Lender to acquire the paperwork and forms that you will need to submit with your application.

You, as a homeowner, have to be able to show that your family is having financial difficulties in the first place. Gross monthly income and expenses must be explained, and all the forms must be correctly filled out, just to be able to apply for this program and how to stop foreclosure.

Like I said before; this plan is completely voluntary for the Landers, but the Government will offer some incentives to Banks that are willing to participate in the affordability and Stability plan. For this reason, most banks and financial institutions were expected to participate in the program.

However, how we all now know, this is not exactly the case. Many Banks are staying in the sidelines, while others though, are supposedly working with homeowners, the number of homeowners being approve for the program is currently extremely limited.

The number of homeowners being help how to stop foreclosure disappointing at this moment; however some amendments are expected in the near future in order to increase the number of homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure to stay in their homes.

As the numbers of homes being foreclosure continues increasing, regardless this Obama's Loan Modification Program, the primary concern for homeowners is how to stop foreclosure anyway they can for the moment, until they qualify for the plan in the future.

The good news is that there are ways for you to stay in your home for over two years even if you feel that you do not qualify for the Obama's Loan Modification Program or if you already apply for it and were rejected already. But you need to know what to do now before you get foreclosed out of your home.

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