Ask any person who makes his living selling Custer SD real estate what he fears most and he’ll tell you, “No new listings!” It takes time to list, promote and sell each home, so ensuring a steady income in real estate necessitates a regular stream of new listings. That’s why other agents’ expired Custer real estate listings are such a gift! They can become a steady source of earnings for your company.

Hey, Isn’t That Poaching?
No doubt you’re a true professional, and you work hard to uphold high ethical standards. You might be an agent who considers targeting expired listings as “poaching”.

But let’s consider the reality: the homeowner listed their Custer real estate with an agent who couldn’t get it sold. As soon as that listing has expired, statistics confirm they’ll probably want to list it with another agent. And why shouldn’t that another agent be you?

After all, none of us has a promised “relist” on any Custer real estate we don’t sell! Marketing to somebody with an active listing is a “no-no”, but grabbing expired listings is simply good occupational strategy.

Put Yourself in the Homeowner’s Shoes
To build an effective marketing plan for expired listings, you must initially put yourself in the homeowner’s shoes. How does it feel, now that you’ve (hopefully!) kept your house orderly and tidy for months, made yourself scarce every time the agent booked a showing, and, truthfully, had your hopes high, to not see a “SOLD” sign in your yard?

It’s exasperating! After all, the homeowner generally has much more time, money and toil invested in selling her house than the agent. That’s why, at the end of the listing period, you’ll usually encounter an unhappy homeowner. You should without doubt keep that in mind while developing your expired listing marketing plan.

A Superior Plan Gets the Listing
So, what works in a listing presentation to someone whose Custer real estate sat there unsold? Three words, “A Superior Plan.” There are, of course, market factors that make it exceedingly difficult to sell homes at certain times. But most of the homes still on the market after a number of months are there for one of two reasons:

1) The homeowner refused to stick to the agent’s suggestions for making the home desirable to prospective buyers.
2) The agent wasn’t working very hard to sell Custer real estate.

The home sometimes doesn’t sell because it’s gloomy, unclean or crowded. Perhaps the owner wasn’t convinced that bright orange carpet and a leaky roof discourage buyers. If you’re dealing with a sluggish seller, your responsibility is to convince them their efforts will pay off in a faster sale at a higher price.

Then again, the previous listing agent may have come on strong for the duration of the listing presentation, but dropped the ball on marketing the Custer real estate. We all know agents who hold an open house or two (mostly to gain additional listings), put an advertisement in the Sunday paper for one or two weeks and blame the market when the home doesn’t get snapped up.

To convert a new listing from an expired one, you must be the agent with a superior plan. Inform the homeowner exactly how you’ll market her home. Let her know that selling her home is your main concern, and tell her expressly how you’re going to operate to make it occur.

If you can triumph over her disenchantment with the real estate business, you’re on way to becoming her next agent. Try targeting expired Custer SD real estate listings in your region, and be equipped to present a better marketing plan. That’s how expired listings can develop into a gift to your real estate sales income.

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