Considering the extraordinary popularity of the Internet, no real estate agent in Custer SD ought to be failing to take advantage of the advertising potential of selling Custer real estate using Internet listings. Why is it, then, that so many agents are missing the mark while marketing real estate online? Here are five quick tips for harnessing the capabilities of the Internet for Custer SD homes.

Tip One: Keep Your Web site Interesting
Since your website is your “facade” on the Internet, the primary thing a real estate agent in Custer SD does is to build an interesting website. Not simply a “business card” website, we’re talking sites with heaps of effective features for buyers and sellers of Custer SD homes.

Link to a blog where you talk about current issues concerning Custer SD homes. Have somebody create articles, or locate them in online article directories, of relevance to buyers and sellers. Include tools such as mortgage payment calculators and listing search filters. Keep in mind, the longer they’re on your website, the more the possibility they’ll call you for their real estate needs.

Tip Two: You Have 8 Seconds to Grab Their Attention
The Internet-induced attention shortfall of today’s consumers requires you to catch a buyer’s interest within eight seconds of viewing a listing.

Gone are the days when a listing can consist of a blurry photo with vague copy. Clear, attractive photographs (inside and exterior) are a requirement, as well as text that grabs the reader’s mind. Use small phrases loaded with particulars, for example, “Reasonably priced Tudor in historic Riverside” is much more likely to encourage a closer look than, “You’ll Just Love This House!”

Tip Three: Offer More Than They Expect
If each real estate agent in Custer SD has Internet listings with multiple photographs and attractive copy, what else can you offer potential customers? Two very popular features being used by the occasional successful real estate agent in Custer SD are video tours and complimentary information.

Video tours give a more genuine impression to listings, allowing the visitor to “walk” through the Custer SD homes. If you’re not able to record a quality walk-through video, along with with voice-over, consider investing in the talents of somebody offering video services.

Complimentary reports are another attention grabber, and they provide a valuable service to potential buyers and sellers. Most real estate franchise organizations make reports and ebooks accessible to each real estate agent in Custer SD, or you can hire a writer to create this type of content.

These downloadable reports should help out the buyer or seller navigate the real estate process, covering such topics as “Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale” or “Finding the Best Mortgage.” Another tip: obtain their contact information by requiring them to fill in a form prior to downloading the report.

Tip Four: Reach Past Your Own Website
To have the maximum impact online, multiply your potential client base through other sites. Sites such as permit agents to upload and keep up listings, and they’re search engine optimized to gain the most visitors.

Nearly all agents are already including their listings on MLS, but not all of them are keeping those listings up to date. Take complete advantage of the increased exposure to your listings by making sure your properties included on MLS are professionally arranged and current.

Tip Five: Strike While the Interest is On Fire!
The last thing excellent agents do to maximize their online presence is to respond without delay to all website-generated inquiries. Possible buyers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a real estate agent in Custer SD, and they very nearly always buy a house from the agent who responds first.

Set up automatic email notification so you can make contact with interested parties within thirty minutes of receipt. You’ll be astounded at how much that one good practice helps your sales.

Take a word of advice from successful agents and promote your Custer real estate online with a professional Web site filled with helpful features. Optimize your listings by making sure they’re included on other inventory sites, and always respond quickly to interested parties. That’s how to experience the true force of the Internet to improve your sales of Custer SD homes.

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