People change their names for various reasons. Some of them may be personal, while others are a result of a change in marital status. When you change your name you will be required to change your legal documents also. This includes a passport name change and other documents. This name change can be simple and may not cost you anything, based on the length of time since you first obtained your passport.

You are required by law to change your name on your legal documents at any point that you change your name. A passport name change is necessary as well, as part of this process. When doing this you will need to verify with proper documentation that you have changed your name.

It is a good idea to keep copies of these original documents for future purposes. One example of why you might need these is the case of trying getting a drivers license in a new state. In many cases if you move you'll need to prove who you were in order to obtain a license or ID.

Completing a passport name change can be done in different ways. The method used will be based on how long you have had your passport. This length of time also affects the fee for the name change on the document.

If it has been less than a year since you first received your passport, you will not need to pay a fee and the application you need will be different than if you have had your passport for a longer period of time. The proper form in this case is the DS-5504 form. This form will need to completely filled out and mailed in. You may also be required to provide two photos that are recent and meet passport specifications.

If it has been less than a year since you obtained your original passport then there will not be a fee for processing your passport name change. This information and documentation needs to be addressed to the National Passport Processing Center, Post Office Box 90107, Philadelphia, PA, 19190-0107.

In the case that it has been more than a year since you first obtained your passport, you will need to process the passport name change differently. The form for this purpose is the DS-82. This form will need to be completed and mailed in, along with the processing fee and the correct required documentation. You will also be required to send in two color pictures to the address listed on the back of the application.

Keep in mind that all of your documentation for processing a name change needs to be certified copies. This means that Photostatted copies that have been notarized will not be accepted by the passport department. Consequently if you do not have the proper documentation, you will need to obtain documentation prior to sending in the proper application.

You can typically obtain this information from the clerk's office for the county court in the county you were married in. The USA passport name change process will typically take three to four weeks. It is possible to try to rush this, but it will require an additional fee. If necessary you can contact your states congressional office to help rush the us passport process.

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