As technology advances, and older homes decay, home security is a serious concern. Older homes often have windows with single panes of glass and screens which have fallen apart with time. Main doors only have one lock. Even worse, some have latches where locks should be. These homes, though part of history, are lacking modern Wisconsin home security monitoring.

Security at home can simply be improved in various ways. Old locks can be replaced easily. Deadbolts added to exterior doors, or an additional metal security door may ward off potential threats. These monstrous doors are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. To avoid this hideously modern look, consider salvaging a door made of stronger material from an architectural salvage yard, goodwill, or an antique store.

Modern windows are a simple solution to improving home security. Older homes probably have single windows with aluminium or wood frames. Places like Wisconsin, where extreme weather is the norm, have a greater need to replace old windows. New windows stop heat from leaving the home, and excess cold entering, increase security, and improve energy efficiency. Most window companies carry a line of windows designed to copy the look of older homes, but have the conveniences of modern living.

National home security providers offer easy security solutions. Install an alarm system to alert you when possible threats come near to, or inside, your home. Even having a sign outside of your home warning of a security system is often a major deterrent. Also, with the contract for the security system, you should have immediate connections to a security team who will contact local authorities on your behalf. Or, the system will also include direct access to emergency personnel. These systems are usually easy to operate, and require simple key entries to set.

Neighborhoods will often create a neighborhood watch group. Join this group, or create a new one with your neighbors. Increasing your vigilance and that of your neighbors will hopefully improve the security of each home. Similar to the alarm system, simply having signage indicating a neighborhood watch acts as a deterrent. Before putting signs in public places, contact your local authorities. Tell your local police station that there is a neighborhood watch in place. However, vigilantes do not do anyone good. Be safe above all, leaving the real crime fighting to professionals.

Most often people forget the simplest answers when looking at home security. Always make sure to lock all your doors before you leave the house. Even when at home, and especially before you go to sleep, check the locks! Homes with yards should ensure there is an adequate lock on the gate or fence. Metal security gates are one solution. Check the garage door. If it opens outward, without folding or retracting, add locks to the side frames. This will make it far more difficult to access the home through the garage. If the garage is attached to the home, always double check the locks connecting the garage and the home. And to paraphrase Motel 6, leave some light on. Motion censored flood lights are simply installed and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

In addition to the increased security of the home, there are other benefits for these simple improvements. Utility companies may offer rebates or discounts to residences that replace old windows with energy efficient vinyl or fiberglass windows. By removing the option of breaking a glass window, there is less chance someone can enter through a window. Home insurance companies might also give discounts or reduce premiums for installing a home security system.

Improving home security cameras saves money in more ways than expected. These improvements will also create better Wisconsin home security cameras overall. Information is power. Pass on these simple solutions to your neighbors, family, and friends and see them feel safer in their homes.

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