There are two meanings of the real estate term ‘downsizing’. The most conventional meaning is moving to a smaller real estate. However, there is another definition which is used less frequently than the first one. According to it when you downsize you sell personal possessions with the purpose of making more room, reduce mortgage and close out on property investments. As a rule downsizing is a very profitable undertaking.

The underlying idea of downsizing is your decision to do with less which in its turn brings you much more. Fewer rooms, smaller yard, less things mean that you get lower bills and much more free time which is a win-win situation especially when you do not need a big real estate any more. The majority of people start to downsize when they get retired or even earlier. At this age people get a lot of reasons to go for downsizing.

The most important reason is that their children have grown, made their own families and moved away. When this happens much space in the real estate stays unused, but you still have to pay for it. There are also a lot of things around the house which are no longer used. This is one of the biggest reasons for downsizing especially if the children move to another city or part of the country. In this case you can kill two birds with one stone: you can move closer to your children and buy a smaller real estate. Statistics show that children are the most frequent reason for downsizing. However, there are other reasons as well.

If people lose their loved ones with whom they shared their home and life, they are highly likely to downsize. There will be much unused space left in the current real estate and a lot of things reminding of the late dear ones. Sometimes it gets too difficult to maintain big houses when you are already retired. The unbearable amount of house chores forces people move to smaller real estate properties. If you have always dreamed to live in a lake house this is a great opportunity to finally do it. When downsizing you can choose the real estate you want to live in and the location where you want to live. If you are tired of cold climate of your area you can go south. Thus, the reasons for downsizing are numerous. The advantages of it are also conspicuous: you get less or no mortgage, lower heating and utility bills, less space to maintain, less house work to attend to, more time to spend on what you want to do. At a certain age downsizing is a great way to take a favorable turn in life.

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