If you are planning to take a trip outside the country, you will need a passport. This article will give you some details on how to get a passport. It is a formal process and can take some time. Plan ahead so you have your passport well before your scheduled trip abroad.

You can obtain a passport application from a local post office, or you can download them from the State Department website. Follow the directions carefully and finish filling out the form. It is Form DS-11, and you should bring it with you when you apply for the passport.

Next, you will need documents that prove your United States citizenship. You are required to obtain a certified official birth certificate from the city, county or state of your birth. This should not be a copy. The certified certificate of birth remains the most accepted proof of U.S. citizenship.

If you have any hassles obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate, you will have additional issues when applying for your passport. A letter of no record from the state in which you were born is important to obtain. This letter verifies that there is not a birth certificate on file with the state for you. A variety of records can help prove you are a citizen. Some of these records include records of pre-natal doctor care, baptismal records, hospital birth certificate and early school records. A blood relative, such as an uncle or aunt can sign an affidavit of birth form. This form must be signed by a notary to make it official.

If you were born in a foreign nation to one or two United States parents, you need to get a foreign certificate of birth. It would help to also get proof of U.S. Citizenship for your parents. Your parents can also sign an affidavit which lists the places they have resided for different time periods prior to and after your birth. The next step to take in getting a new passport is to prove your identity. This can be proven by bringing with you an old passport, a valid state drivers license, a government ID card, or a military ID card.

You are almost there, but there are a a few more steps. Next, you need to have two photographs taken. These passport photos should be taken in regular everyday clothing. You should not wear a cap or anything covering your head. You should not wear uniforms or anything that is not normal everyday clothing. You can locate merchants that take passport photos on the Internet or in the phone book. The photos should be of your full face, two by two size and absolutely identical. Merchants who take passport photos are usually aware of the proper requirements, but familiarize yourself with these requirements as well so there are no mistakes. Incorrectly snapped photos will slow down the entire application process.

Make certain you know your social security number when you apply as they will ask you for it. Next, you pay the applicable fees. Look online before you go so you know exactly what the fees are.

Do an online search to locate the closest passport acceptance facility. There are over 7000 facilities across the country. They include courts, post offices, public libraries and many county offices. Also do a search for the government pages that will instruct you on how to get a passport. Subsequent to following exactly all the necessary steps, your new USA passport should arrive sometime between fourteen days to two months. If you want to get it in less time, you can spend $60 or more to get it rushed out to you. Once you have your passport, you can pack your bags and go explore the world!

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