Before you start negotiations, you have to be prepared.

Would you like to know what negotiation is?
Negotiations come to a place when two parties that want different things sit down and discuss the things to come up to an agreement. Read these three words with the utmost attention:

Want Different Things. That means that you come to a difficult situation. Deliberate on this. That is important. It is a difficult situation.

And now read again those words: be prepared. Now they are becoming more important to you, aren’t they? And then this magic word “Conflict” comes to a place.

Now perhaps in your head started appearing images of soldiers, football stadiums and low courts. And now it is the right time to talk about “being prepared”. Perhaps you would like to know why I did that. It is easy. In this conflict of negotiations you should have a clear understanding that the person, who started the conflict, is YOU. The seller asks THIS price and you are insisting on THAT price. You should ASK QUESTIONS before you start the conflict. Try to collect as much intelligence as you can. Bear in mind once you have started the conflict there is no way back.

Here are the three important things you should know about negotiations:
1. Negotiating is conflict
2. You start the conflict
3. Once you start it, you cannot go back.

So, here are those nine things that should be clarified before you get into a situation like this.
1. Best Case Scenario.
2. Worst Case Scenario

You should define where your limits are. What price you are going to ask and what is the lowest price that you are ready to take before you stand up and walk away.

3. Time heals all wounds
If somebody walks away, wait for a couple of days and then return back at the table.
4. It's not personal

Actually, nobody cares if he screams, nobody cares if he swears, since you are getting what you want.

5. Assume they're acting
It is not funny. Very often they are. They put on a front as much as you are.

6. External Advisors
At the end of the day of negotiations it is recommended to fix some things and review them with your mentor. A new person can offer you approaches and strategies you have never used before.
7. Prepare yourself in advance
8. Be ready that they will be unsatisfied and angry
9. Practice and role-play.
That's it.

When you come to the point of conflict and people started screaming, you should stay calm. If they notice that you are nervous, it is over. And the last thing to be considered, if you are 15 minutes late, you are not negotiating.

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