Here's a fast worked example from Gareth that you are able to implement yourself. It demonstrates how Gareth with less then 2 years experience signed 6 lists in 14 days.

I have always revealed that if I target the right things and utilize a few key pieces of selling that other agents don't have a tendency to use I simply get more listings. And I sell more properties and get high prices for them. These strategies are easily as effective for new real estate agent tips as they for old hands.

One of those essential ingredients is using a Sales Robot.
When I'm up against other agents in my area, no-one else has anything like this. It immediately stands me out from the group of other agents.

My Sales Robot is consistently eroding the doubts of my potential sellers and building trusted relations with them. All while I am off doing other stuff. It really is fantastic.

I have found all my selling is more effective when I utilize a good mixture of different elements. And my Sales Robot is no exception to that principle.
When my possible sellers watch videos sent by my Sales Robot, mixed together with private phone calls from me, the line blurrs and they think I actually sent each video myself. Although it's completely automatic.

Other key ingredients for my sales mix include making a high quality brochure for a home and distributing it to all of the homes in the instant community.
To compliment the brochures I love to distribute a few hundred fliers to the broader area too.

The number of offers you can get from locals is not that surprising when you think about the fact that most folks turn the same direction out of their drive each morning and do not know that their possible ideal home 1 or 2 doors down is even on the market.

I email details and photos of the home to all of the buyers in my database and I have got a telemarketer call each home in the area. All this activity generates excitement for a home that gives us momentum.

I also do the typical stuff : publicize the home online and in the local property paper, and run open homes.

I show a poster advertisement for the home on my vehicle signboard which I park on the busiest street in the area. And I conduct an agents viewing for the home for all of the agents in the local office. I send the listing out to 140+ agents in the Remax network because that frequently brings more customers out of the woodwork. Some agents will not do this as they need the consumers to come to them. But if I'm able to get my sellers an extra $10,000 I do not care how I do it.

Marketing my sellers homes like this clearly helps me get elevated prices for homes, but you're probably wondering how this helps me win more listings. When I explain this process to potential sellers and the results it produces, they select me because they desire those results too.

Obviously all of these strategies aren't appropriate for every situation. So I always show a possible seller that I can use the most appropriate type of selling for their situation and highlight the parts of that process that help me stand out from other agents.

It is also very important to give prospective sellers as much value and handy advice as practical. And here is where my Sales Bots mix so effectively with private phone calls, my fortnightly email communication and providing local sales statistics.

I would not typically share my new real estate agent marketing information with other agents.
But since you are not in my area, I guess I'll never be competing with you for a listing.

I hope that helps.

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