There have been a lot of curious and enthusiastic people who were waiting for the release of iPad 3 in the market. Although some were doubtful, many people especially real estate agents invested in this new technology to showcase their listings. You might be wondering how iPad could help in marketing properties. Here's what iPad 3 can do to your properties:

1. Lifelike images.
Compared to iPad 2, iPad 3 has four times more pixel. Its stunning retina screen has 2048 x 1536 resolution making it incredibly clear and crisper as if you are just looking at your photos with your own eyes. The lifelike photos of the properties along with its razor sharp information will surely attract potential clients and other agents. Moreover, the retina screen permits potential homeowners and investors to examine Crosby TX foreclosures in vibrant color, detailed and vivid making it perfect for home video tours.

2. You are very well connected anytime, anywhere.
Made with the latest technology, iPad 3 is built to support all types of network all around the world. Since it is equipped with 4G LTE, it is 10x faster than its predecessor and almost anything. With its cellular antennas, you can send insert any local sim to send sms, browse the web, stream music and even download movies in a jiffy. This technology allows any businessmen or real estate agents to do business online with their clients and other agents as well anywhere in the world without problems in signal or connection. They can do live video-chats and download or send photos at blazing-fast speeds. Communicating or getting connected with real estate agents, Realtors, property investors and clients anywhere, anytime is no longer a problem.

3. Over 200,000 apps created just for iPad.
With hundreds of apps to choose from with some of which are free, iPad 3 leaves behind other competitors. This apps were created just for iPad unlike in the past where downloading apps creates a problem in resolution and so on. iPhoto and iMovie are just many of the examples of optimized iPad 3 apps which allows agents to edit, organize and share listing photos with just a touch. Some apps that are a must for agents are the following - Keynote, Open Home Pro, Dropbox, iWork, DocuSign and GoogleReader for iPad. Even though some are not free, they are wonderful for showing your listings.

Surely, the iPad is gaining popularity in the real estate world because of its apps. Perhaps soon enough, the iPad will become a necessity in marketing homes, not only because it is made by Apple company and everyone has it, but also because of the fact that it helps a real estate agent perform his or her duties faster and fruitful and open doors to more clients satisfied with their newly bought property.

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