Why buy in Orlando?

Orlando is a very diverse city with a lot to offer. Downtown Orlando has the new 55 West condo complex with movie theaters around the corner. Many boutiques and shops, and clubs are with-in walking distance.

Why pay full price? There are between 24,000 and 27,000 homes for sale at any one point in Orlando. Most of these homes are distressed in some way. The owners are either one to three payments behind, or have just stop paying altogether. Many of these homes are being sold for a lost (i.e. short sale) or are in foreclosure and are in the process of becoming "bank-owned."

Bank owned is when the bank has taken the home back from the owner and are now selling it to try to recoupe some of their loss. This is where the deals come in. These homes are often sold at 85-75% of their normal value. This is crazy! It is like a home sale, literally! If you have ever wanted to live in a certain neighbor hood and could never afford it. Check now, a home in your price range, could be sitting there, waiting for you to buy it at a deep discount!

Think about it. Your dream home, ready for you to move in, at a huge discount. The process is easy. First just get pre-qualified. Being a first time home buyer could be an intimidating and a big life experience. First time home buyers often don't know where to begin.From mortgages, to home searches in your best places to live and schools information a realtor can give you the tools you need to move forward. One of the first steps to being a first time home buyer is to get your financial house in order and make sure your credit is great. Once pre-approved for a mortgage, the home search process (the fun part) begins. This is necessary, so that you can put in an offer, and the owner, whether it be the bank or a person will take you seriously. Then search for the perfect home. Put the offer in. Your agent will work out the details. If the bank or the person selling the house accepts your pre-qualified offer then the house is yours. You definitely need to get an inspection first. If it passes with flying colors then, the deal is done. A 605 credit score is all you need, and you can get it done.

Some of the nicer areas in Orlando are the Winter Park and Dr. Phillips areas. Most of these homes over-deliver. The granite counter-tops and pool that are almost standard with these types of homes and townhomes.

Don't resist - discover Orlando bank owned homes and Orlando Luxury homes for sale.

And get yourself a nice luxury vacation home.