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Should We Buy Real Christmas Trees or Artificial Trees for Christmas?

We live in Minnesota. There are many tree farms in the central portion of the state due to the sandy soil. It is a tradition with many people to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon searching for the perfect Christmas tree and cutting it down. The tree farms add to the economy of the state.

Christmas trees are one of the leading exports from our state. Because we want to support our local tree farmers and because trees are very reasonably priced, we have always had a live tree for the holidays. In the last few years we have been discussing how much simpler it would be to have an artificial Christmas tree.

It would mean no longer having the messy clean up that needs to be done when the tree is brought in and taken out of the house. It would also mean that every year the tree would fit the space that we have for it. The manufacturers have vastly improved on the way the artificial Christmas tree looks.

My sister purchased one last year and I had to feel the branches before I knew that it was not a real tree. She did have to pay a great deal for the artificial Christmas tree, but she bought it during the prime season. If you look for specials after the holidays you can usually find them discounted.

You can also purchase the artificial Christmas tree that is pre-lit, this would really cut down on the work, however I would be concerned about having the bulbs burn out. There are replacement bulbs available, however you never know when they are going to take these bulbs off the market and then you are stuck with a tree that does not have its full lights on. After taking out our Christmas tree last year and cleaning up the needles from the carpet, we decided that we would invest in an artificial Christmas tree for this year.

We checked several post season sales, but did not find a tree that we liked. We decided that we would try to get one at a pre-season sale; this would also save us from having to store the tree over the summer. This year the tree farms started airing commercials about how beneficial the tree farms are to the environment and also the state’s economy.

After hearing this commercial several times we decided that we would continue to support the local tree farmers and purchase a real tree. We will wait and get an artificial Christmas tree when we can no longer manage a real tree.

Investing on Good Christmas Decorations Outdoor

I do not know about you, and in your crew it might be different, but in my family appearance is important. The spirit of Christmas is all fine and good for school pageants and such, but for me the most important part of the holiday season is to have the best Christmas decorations that you can. A lot of people think that quaint wooden ornaments look good, but I think that that is just silly.

I think that anything less than Animated Christmas Decorations is simply a waste of time and money. Even that blow up Santas and the inflatable snowmen just do not compare to the Animated Christmas Decorations Outdoor. If you put Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations on your front lawn, you will be the envy of the whole entire neighborhood, and that is just no lie.

The coolest thing about Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations is how flashy they look. Christmas is all about one thing: Christmas lights and the Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations take Christmas lights to a whole new level. If you are not familiar with the way an Animated Christmas Decoration works, allow me to enlighten you.

The way that it works is pretty simple, really. Basically it uses sequences of colored lights to create the picture on the Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations. A lot of the better ones can show some pretty neat and elaborate pictures on them, such as Santa in his sleigh bringing presents to all of the little boys and girls, or the three wise men walking to the tent of baby Jesus.

You see that? Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations are not only showy, they can also be pious. Who says that religion and crass commercialism cannot mix right? Of course, Animated Christmas Decorations Outdoor do not make the whole holiday by themselves. It is still important to get a good Christmas tree, and we have the best tree on the whole block.

The tree that we use is massive, and covered top to bottom with lights. And you better believe that we put that tree right in the window where everyone out there can see just how cool it looks. Remember, the spirit of the holidays is about lights, about sparkles, about stars on top of decorated trees.

If you do not get into the decorating, then what is the point? Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations can give you the flair that says Christmas.