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In the case of homes, if there are more homes than prospective home people who wish to buy and pay hard cold cash or get a mortgage, the price of the homes will go down as sellers try to get someone to purchase their home so that they are not left out of the loop when all of the people who wish to buy and pay hard cold cash or get a mortgage have finished buying their particular houses.

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When a person is looking to purchase a home or sell a home they already own, the market makes a big difference as to how successful a person will be. There are two major types of markets for homes and they are the seller market and the buyer market. Most geographical locations tend to fluctuate between the two types of markets depending on the time and the economic conditions. This is because both terms are related to the relationship between supply and demand within a housing market at a particular point in time.

When the supply is larger than the demand, a buyer market occurs. The reason for this is that if there is more of something than there are people that want to buy that something, the price of the something tends to go down. This is one of the basic concepts and rule of the free market system of economics and since the advantage is heavily to the buyer in this realm, . That is called a buyer market.

Similarly, a seller market is the exact opposite. It occurs when there are fewer houses available on the market than there are people that want to purchase a house. Since there are going to be people left over in terms of purchasers when all of the houses have been purchased, homeowners looking to sell can increase their prices and still feel secure in the sense that they will be able to make a sale to one of the people interested in buying a house. Since the seller has the advantage over the buyer under this particular scenario, . That is called a seller market.

In most cases (excepting situations such as the current one where there are many foreclosures and an economic recession on), there is no clear buyer or seller market. While there might be small fluctuations over time, at any one particular point in time there is usually not that much of an advantage. However, since houses are priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, any small variation of a few percentage points can translate into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, which is why waiting for the right type of market before buying or selling is an important strategy employed by the best in the business.

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